Entrepreneurship is a hot topic these days, with everyone wanting to strike out and work for themselves. With shows like Shark Tank and Silicone Valley bringing entrepreneurship to everyone’s living rooms, it’s no wonder everyone has dreams of having that big idea.

With the cash flowing in the cannabis sector, despite Jeff Sessions’ best efforts, the rise in cannabis entrepreneur stories has been swift. While you may not think of the cannabis space when considering entrepreneurship, there are some interesting innovators in the space.

  1. Kyle ShermanFlowhub

When you consider all the SaaS or “Software as a Service” companies these days, Flowhub may not be the first that comes to mind. But, this has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Vice, and a bunch of other top tier publications.

Flowhub is a “seed-to-sale” POS system for medical and retail cannabis, which means it tracks every step in the cannabis supply chain. The company boasts processing over $1B in transactions each year! All lead by the CEO and founder, Kyle Sherman.

Kyle came to Colorado knowing that he wanted to work in the cannabis space. After taking jobs at Dixie Elixirs and WeedMaps, Kyle ended up as a Compliance Officer in the cannabis space. This gave him a unique perspective on an inefficiency in the market, quality software for tracking the cannabis retail process.

  1. Ebony CostainBDTNDR

Ebony Costain recognized the need for a in-store product knowledge experts, when it came to dispensaries. A majority of people who venture into dispensaries and cannabis retail outlets are looking to sample different types and expect the employees or “budtenders” to be knowledgeable in the types of cannabis being sold. This is especially true in medical states, where people are actively searching for something to improve their quality of life.

Having identified this need, Ebony developed a service where budtenders can sign up to receive product knowledge. This way, dispensary owners can make sure their customer facing employees gain the ability to truly serve their patients and customers.

  1. Joel SchneiderBud+Breakfast

When Colorado legalized recreational cannabis, Joel Schneider knew he had to get in on the action. He came to Colorado with big dreams to make it in the weed business and after trying a few different ventures, he realized the what the market needed. His idea was a hotel where people could come enjoy all the natural splendor Colorado and hang with other like minded individuals.Thus, the Bud+Breakfast was born.

In 2014, Schneider opened the first Bud+Breakfast in a six-bedroom Victorian home. The suites range from $299 to $399 a night, and a reservation includes complimentary “wake and bake” breakfasts, in which bacon, eggs, and waffles are served with a side of ganja. He even has a professional chef serving up the grub!

There are so many more amazing entrepreneur stories in the cannabis industry and we love seeing industrious people getting involved. If you know someone doing something awesome in canna-business, please let us know!