It is no doubt that California is America’s marijuana capital. This status goes back to 1996 when California became the first state to legalize medical cannabis. The California electorate once more made history by voting in a bill that authorizes the sale, purchase, and consumption of recreational pot in adults over the age of 21. Guidelines for obtaining a medical marijuana card in California are known to be rather lax. Sharing a few ounces of cannabis is also allowed under California State laws in adults.

The situation as it appears has triggered a response from some Californian cities which have since put in place bans restricting any marijuana-related operations within city limits. L.A, Napa, Butte County, and Fresno have expressed concern over the current inability to track recreational pot which has led to an increase in pot-related crimes. The move comes ahead of the marked 2018 date for the implementation of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. The cities are now pushing the anti-cannabis agenda further by banning marijuana businesses.

According to reports from Fresno Public opinion, the electorate wants local leaders to draft up solid, legislative pieces that will control marijuana operations and take pot production and distribution out of criminal gangs and unlicensed dealers’ hands. In Napa County, the future of marijuana is uncertain after the mayor expressed concerns over the packaging of edible pot products such as lollipops and baked goods such as cookies. Such packaging is appealing to unsuspecting underage persons. They also worry about the widespread panic over easy availability of paraphernalia like dab rigs. 

The regulation of edible marijuana products is minimal to non-existent which to some extent justifies the ban on recreational cannabis. Other concerns center around the minimum allowed distance recreational marijuana dealers will operate relative to family-friendly spaces such as parks, schools, and kindergartens. The problem as it seems is not with medical marijuana but rather recreational. Legislative action sought by the mentioned cities seems to mark the beginning of the end for black market recreation cannabis dealers as it were.

Delivery services are yet another industry that has been targeted by the recent barrage of bans aimed at the marijuana industry. In Butte County, several complaints have surfaced over the use of pesticides and the resulting odor coming from known pot growing areas. It may look like the future of recreational pot in the State of California is bleak, that is if the recent bans from cities are anything to go by. For now, it’s a waiting game. But, California has consistently been on the forefront of the cannabis fight in the US and residents of the major cities will be able to enjoy cannabis products, such as moon rocks, at their leisure most likely.