Vermont's Governor Set to Sign Bill Legalizing Recreational Cannabis
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Vermont’s Governor Set to Sign Bill Legalizing Recreational Cannabis

Republican Governor Phil Scott is expected to sign the bill, which passed the Democratic-controlled Senate by a voice vote. The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives passed the measure last week. Although Vermont is one of the most politically liberal states, it is also one of 23 in the nation that does not allow ballot initiatives. The […]

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Some Cannabis Advocates in NY Think Constitutional Convention May Benefit Them

Update 9/1/17: Many New Yorkers have expressed their concerns over the method that this article posits of achieving legalization of cannabis, the constitutional convention. The concern is that this body could open much more than just cannabis laws to be altered, as basically anything is on the table from a political perspective. We understand why […]

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Nevada Judge Halts Recreational Pot Distributors While Panel Looks at Smoking Lounges

Carson City, Nevada – A district judge suspended the licensing of new recreational pot distributors on orders sought by the Independent Alcohol Distributors of Nevada. Judge James Todd Russel cited a denial of Liquor wholesalers’ rights to distribute recreational pot as bestowed upon them by the electorate. He went ahead to assert that the exclusivity […]