Today we are reviewing the Hemper cannabis subscription box. I recently wrote an article about the Hemper Box and decided to follow up with a proper review of the box. Hemper bills themselves as the #1 premium smoking accessories subscription box and it’s hard to argue with them having the title.

The basic box costs $29.99 each month and comes with a bunch of awesome stuff for all you smokers. The current box as I write this (June 2019) has papers, lighter holder with hemp wick holder, a nice bong, papers, cones, a cool silicone adapter for rigs, and more. Hemper advertises this all at $100 retail value.

For this review, we grabbed the Hemper UFO Bong Box which is one of their upgraded box with higher grade merch. This one comes with an awesome UFO bong that I’ve been smoking out of this week and really enjoy how smooth it rips. I also have really enjoyed the silicone ashtray with the poker in the middle that makes banging out the bowl crazy easy.

Another signature of the Hemper boxes is their Hemper Tech line of useful accessories, which I quietly enjoy the most. These alcohol wipes are leaps and bounds better than the alcohol prep pads that I normally use for cleaning off all my dab tools. They are larger, have a lot of isopropyl alcohol on them, and have a scrubby surface that really helps get oil off easier. My normal cheap alcohol prep pads also tend to leave fiber behind that I need to wipe off but these fresh wipes clean my tools off leaving nothing behind.

The other items are just useful everyday stuff that it’s great to have on a supply every month. Getting a pack of high-quality papers and some hemp-based blunt wraps is super convenient. I know that I always have some quality papers lined up for my next doob and don’t need to run to the store for inferior papes. That and I can take my doob to go with their Hemper doob tube that keeps my joints safe. I’m known for sticking them in a cigarette pack which I’m not a fan of and it’s not possible with a longer joint. Having this tube makes it super easy to take a joint down to the park by the water or a music festival.

Here is a closer look at the UFO bong, I really enjoy the design on this thing. It’s a fun piece to have sitting on my desk in my office so when people come over they check it out. The downstem on the inside has slits all the way across it facing down so you don’t need a ton of water to get it bubbling. It has a nice sized chamber for a decent hit. I think it would also make a nice little rig and think I will probably put a quartz banger on it sooner than later.

One of the great things about all of Hemper’s products is that they have an online head shop with them all available on their site. This is helpful so that I can make sure to re-up on some of the awesome tools I got in this box. One of the dope features is that you can order a subscription of a single Hemper Tech product. For example, I really enjoy the Hemper Freshwipes as I mentioned. Well, they make it super easy to subscribe and keep receiving them month after month.

My honest opinion is that the basic Hemper Box is a really great deal at $29.99 and I think any stoner who regularly buys smoking accessories shouldn’t go without it. Getting a new piece to smoke out of every month and a bunch of cool tools and papers/blunts is a ton of value. You’ll be stoked every month when your new box comes.