When you are new to dabs, there are a whole bunch of terms being thrown around that can be confusing. A recycler is one that refers to the functionality of a dab rig and how the water moves through the piece. Recycler rigs have an extra chamber in them with a tube that connects them, separate from the path the smoke takes after coming off the nail. This allows for the smoke to be “recycled” back to the first chamber, where the water is held, which continues to filter the smoke as you are hitting the rig.

A recycler rig helps you get the smoothest hit possible from your dabs and allows a more compact build to the dab rig so that you aren’t over-aerating the hit. They tend to produce the perfect balance of smooth and milky that is perfect for high quality concentrates. Many regard recyclers as having a higher quality of hit and produce a superior flavor to other rigs, although this can certainly be personal preference.

Recyclers in many cases also have interesting ways of incorporating this function that add to the overall beauty and aesthetic of a piece. Many recyclers use thinner bent tube sections to achieve the action, which adds a cool element to the design. Recyclers also don’t necessarily need to be more expensive, you can even find recycler dab rigs under $100.

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