Smoking a joint can be considered so old school now that vaping marijuana has become an option. Instead of lighting the marijuana on fire and inhaling the noxious smoke, vaping involves inhaling a vapor produced by heating the cannabis. No combustion or smoke is involved, making it a cleaner, healthier alternative.

Benefits of Vaping Marijuana

In addition to being cleaner and healthier, vaping marijuana comes with a handful of other benefits. Marijuana users have reported feeling more energized and less foggy from vaping rather than smoking cannabis. Vaping marijuana can also provide a milder high that’s easier to control than when smoking it.

The lack of combustion is the key to greatest health benefits. Vaping devices heat the marijuana at a level high enough to extract the moisture to produce vapor but low enough to eliminate the production of toxic byproducts that comes from lighting the substance on fire.

One more benefit can be the taste. Just like vaping traditional e-juice, there can be a wider variety of flavor profiles, depending on the type of vaping. There are many cartridges with mixes of terpenes that open the spectrum of possible flavors. While vaping cannabis and using e-cigs are a little different, they achieve a similar function.

Marijuana Vaping Options

Once you’ve decided vaping cannabis is the way to go, there are several ways to go about it. You can opt to vape dry herbs or a cannabis concentrate.

Dry herb vaping involves using a herb grinder to break down your marijuana into crushed-up pieces, creating the most surface area for the heat to reach. It also requires a vaping device specifically developed for dry-herb vaping.

Cannabis concentrates can consist of oils, waxes, shatters and crumbles, all of which are concentrated mixes of marijuana. You need only a small amount of concentrate to get the same effects as you would from a less concentrated mixture. This method, too, requires a vaping device designed to accommodate marijuana concentrate.

Vaping Device Options

The first thing to look for in a vaping device is that it’s compatible with the marijuana option you prefer, whether it’s dry herb or concentrate. You then want to select a device that aligns with how you intend to use it.

Vape pens are small, easy-to-use devices you can carry with you as desired. They feature a rechargeable battery, heating element, and chamber for your cannabis. They are also relatively inexpensive, particularly those designed for use with vape oils. Dry herb vape pens are also available if you like the portable option, although they tend to be a bit pricier than their oil-friendly counterparts.

Larger, stationary vaping devices are another option if you will primarily vape marijuana in your home. Tabletop vaping units typically plug into the wall for power, definitely ruling easy portability out of the mix. They are larger and more expensive than portable units, although some may feature an alternative heating option.

Conduction vs. Convection Heating

Conduction vaporizers, such as the typical vape pen, release vapor produced from the material being exposed to the low heat of the heating element. Convection vaporizers instead use hot air.

Convection devices push heated air from the heating element through the material, releasing vapor without direct contact between your material and the heating element. While convection heaters may be considered more effective for releasing cannabinoids, they are also quite pricey and can be rather bulky.

No Right or Wrong Way to Vape Marijuana

When it comes to vaping marijuana, there is really no right or wrong way to go about it. The best option is the one that feels right to you. Whether you go for a portable to tabletop device, dry herbs or cannabis concentrate, or even consider a convection option, you’ll still be getting the benefits of vaping marijuana without the detrimental side effects of smoking that joint.