In the world of cannabis concentrates, the bongs are little different. They have all sorts of elements and functionality not as common on bongs for traditional marijuana.

Some terminology these days can be confusing, like recylcers and nails, but no matter how long you have been smoking, you have no doubt run into multi-chambered bongs with percolators built into them and wondered what exactly is going on. Well, you are not alone and this is going to cover what these devices are actually accomplishing and how it’s enhancing your smoking experience.

First, percolators are designed to create more opportunity for the smoke being created to interact with water and lower the temperature of the hit being taken. A cooler hit means that your are able to take more and cough less and not have all the issues that come with a rig that has a harsh hit.

There are endless types of percs and seemingly new ones every year and each one has their own unique style of dissolution between the water and perc that cool the smoke at different rates. Some of the more popular percs on today’s dab rigs are showerhead, matrix, swiss, and many others.

Swiss Perc

These percs are created by the glass artist in a way that puts holes in the body of the dab rig itself and creates the look of swiss cheese. The water hits the surface area of the the interior glass as the smoke passes through and adds more of that water interaction that causes the heat in the smoke to dissipate and give you the best dab possible.

Matrix Perc

The matrix perc is really popular and adds a lot of diffusion to the smoke, leading to an ultra-smooth dab. The matrix perc is created by forming slits all the way around a round chamber at the end of the joint. The smoke is forced out through all of these tiny slits and through the water creating a ton of opportunity for the smoke to interact with the water and cool down. On bigger rigs, you can have 2 chambers, each with their own matrix perc and this setup is referred to as a stereo matrix perc.

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