With the legalization of recreational marijuana in Massachusetts, there have been all sorts of buzz already about what this will mean for the future of small business in the state. One area that has already seen some growth has been the market for grow lights and supplies. With the retail sale of cannabis being a year or more away, many citizens looking to make use of this new law are left with little choice other than growing their own.

Shops like Harvest Moon Hydroponics, in Foxborough near Gillette Stadium, business has been booming and a big reason is new customers curious about growing their own marijuana. The owner, Aaron Voog, recently spoke to Jim Haddadin of MetroWest Daily News and estimated that as many as 10 people a day have come into the store inquiring about growing their own marijuana. “People have been arriving, frankly, from all crazy walks of life that I’ve never seen before,” Voog said.

The new law, which went into effect on December 15th, allows for adults to possess up to 10 ounces of cannabis within their home and grow up to 6 plants per adult with a 12 plant limit per household. There will also be the retail sale of cannabis and cannabis concentrates allowed, although the framework for that aspect is still being worked out and won’t be in place until July 1, 2018.

Many smokers may not be as familiar with growing their own marijuana and so these brick and mortar stores offer a place to get cultivation advice, especially when the internet can be somewhat overwhelming on the subject.

There are still some gray areas with the law, even when staying within it by growing the correct amount of plans, such as how to get the seeds or clones. It is currently still illegal to sell cannabis, so people have been skirting that law by gifting seed and clone-worthy cuts. Some people have warned against having seeds shipped in from legal states or Canada because the federal illegality of cannabis still creates an issue technically.

While cannabis legalization is very exciting, these new states are also showing how it can take time and effort to stay within the law and to reap the benefits of them. But, as the wave of legalization sweeps the country, we have the benefit of learning from states like Massachusetts that will have already gone through this process.