Over the last few years, podcasting has really blown up and started to hit the mainstream. Everyone knows about Serial, Joe Rogan, and WTF. But, there are literally thousands of podcasts covering just about every topic under the sun. It has truly been a revolution in how conversational recording and storytelling can travel.

At Red Eye Chronicle, we have a long list of favorite podcasts that touch on the industry or are just more fun stoned. Check out the list and let us know if you have a favorite pod to listen to when you’re burning?

  1. Getting Doug With High – This list was basically created in honor of Doug Benson. Doug is a true OG of podcasting. While we are fans of all his pods, from Doug Loves Movies to Dining with Doug & Karen, we would be remised if Getting Doug With High wasn’t on this list. This pod, which is audio of YouTube show of the same name, brings Benson together with other comedians and celebrities to get super blitzed on weed and dabs, talking about being a cannabis user and insert some fun comedy into the mix.
  2. Comedy Bang Bang – While Comedy Bang Bang is the only podcast here not centered around cannabis, the style of humor should be very appealing to a wide swath of potheads. The incomparable host, Scott Aukerman, got his start on Mr. Show with Bob & Dave and you can tell by the brand of sketch comedy right away. With a rotating cast of actors, comedians, and characters, this show is always a delight while stoned.
  3. The Cannabist Show – At the helm is  Denver Post’s marijuana editor, Ricardo Baca, The Cannabist’s podcast straddles the middle ground between news and humor. Baca will riff off his producers, a la Letterman and Schafer, and then interview Colorado’s chief medical officer, the founder of Leafly or some other cannabis entrepreneur, entertainer, bureaucrat, baker.
  4. CannaInsider – This pod is a great window into the cannabis industry and helps the average person get a peek into the minds of leaders in the cannabis business and industry. Hosted by Matthew Kind from CannaInsider.com, this podcast is a must for anyone looking to learn about the industry.
  5. The Hash – This is a pot show that takes the cannabis podcast to the next level. In the vein of Radiolab, The Hash takes on newsworthy topics and gives them serious treatment and storytelling chops. The result is a marijuana podcast that will make you feel a little classier about being a stoner.

There are certainly many other podcasts out there appealing to cannabis enthusiasts. If we missed your favorite, we would love to hear from you in the comment section!