As every smoker knows, the smell of cannabis is one of the most distinguishable smells around. You know that feeling of walking down a busy street and car passes by, you get a whiff of the sweet ganja and you look around for an attempt to make eye contact and form that fleeting bond with your fellow stoner.

That being said, there are many occasions where the fleeting glance of a stranger smelling your herb will be a real problem. One of the first things that we learn as budding stoners is to conceal our hobby. Hiding cannabis smoke has become an art form practiced by teenagers the world over. As adults, we have been able to use our critical thinking skills and free agency to take concealment to the next level. Here are some great ways to keep your skunk on the DL if you’ve been smoking (these will not work for the smell associated with growing cannabis):

  1. Sploofs/Friendly Neighbor – This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. You use a paper towel or toilet paper roll with a dryer sheet affixed to the end to blow the smoke through. This method is highly effective for making your smoke smell like fresh laundry. An added tip to elevate this method is to add activated charcoal to the inside as well as a few more dryer sheets in the tube itself. This will make the smoke is cleared of that skunky funky smelly green element that you love.
  2. Odor-Proof Bags – One of the newer devices on the market are smell resistant bags. These can help when you need your cannabis to be portable but also keep a low profile. While they are not perfect, they will go a long way to keeping the smell out. Another way to elevate this method is to use a vacuum sealer, if you need to transfer your pot but won’t need to get into it on the way.
  3. Febreeze/Cover Up – Nothing better than spraying a bit of Febreeze around and lighting up some Nag Champa to tone down the smell of your cannabis smoke. This is mostly for someone who isn’t in a life or death hiding situation. If your parents are on the way over and you just need to calm down that bowl you finished, this is going to do you just fine.
  4. Cooking Food – One of my favorite methods for zapping weed smell back in the day was to pop a bag of popcorn. The delicious buttery goodness will permeate your entire house and no one will be able to smell anything else. The added bonus of cooking food is also that you are satisfying the munchies. This may be the most utilitarian way to combat weed odors.
  5. Vaporizers – Personally, I believe that cannabis concentrates and vaporizers are the best weed innovation in my lifetime and maybe longer. It has completely changed the way I smoke and the portability of cannabis. There is nothing better than being outside at a park and taking a rip from your vaporizer and everyone around you being none the wiser. With most concentrates, besides rosin, you are not going to get a super strong cannabis odor from the pen unless you blow it directly at someone. If you want to learn more about cannabis concentrates, check out our guide “What Are Dabs?”
  6. Mason Jars – If you are storing a fair amount of cannabis, your best bet is going to be investing in some quality mason jars with a well-sealed top. This is going to keep your nugs fresh, as well as reduce the scent of a large stash overall. Plus, nugs really look awesome in a big mason jar.

One of the fun parts of being a pothead can be the game of hiding it and making sure that your secret is safe. Now that you are equipped with these tips, you are going to James Bond undercover all day.