Florida has been seeing a lot of action in the medical cannabis world recently. After legislators finally agreed to implement a system during a special session, there has been a flurry of activity.

Over the last few week, the Florida Department of Health has approved 5 new growers to start producing cannabis for the state’s medical system. This is good news, as the bill that was passed requires the state to add 10 new medical cannabis growers by October 2017.

The new nurseries that have been selected are Treadwell Nursery, Sunbulb Company, 3 Boys Farm, Plants of Ruskin and Loop’s Nursery and Greenhouse.

It’s been reported that more than 10,000 people have now signed up for Florida’s medical cannabis program, with more each day. It’s obvious that the Florida market is only going to speed up, with some estimates putting it at hundreds of thousands of patients over the next 5 years.

While the system continues to move forward, the activity has not slowed for the legal fight about cannabis either. The state’s law is already very restrictive about the type of cannabis that can be purchased, with no actual flower being sold in the system.

John Morgan, the prominent Florida lawyer behind the “Yes On 2” movement, has been working to sue the state and open the system more broadly for people who need this medicine. Morgan has continued to be at odds with the lawmakers and seems to be ramping up to a run for governor.

As it stands now, the patients are taking part in the system and getting access to what they are able to at the local dispensaries popping up all over the place. We hope that Florida will continue to move forward and provide patients with the medicine they voted to be eligible for.

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