At some point, every stoner has wondered if they are getting ripped off on bud. How much should my quarter of weed cost? Should I be looking for a better plug?

Red Eye Chronicle is here to help guide you along the path of weed prices. We will help you figure out how much your weed costs.

Prices can vary depending on a wide range of factors. You need to make sure you are familiar with your weed weights, check our guide. And make sure you are using a scale to confirm you are getting what you paid for, no matter how close a buddy is.

Factors Influencing Weed Prices

There is a myriad of factors that make the price of weed fluctuate depending on your local market. The more these factors not in your favor – the more you’re going to pay for your herb. Once we cover the factors, we can give more accurate prices.


The main factor influencing the price of weed is whether you live in a legal state or not. If you live in a state where cannabis is illegal, the price is usually higher by a significant margin. Even in medical states, the prices vary a great deal.

If you are in Colorado, you can pick up n eighth for $25 on a regular basis. But, for those who live in illegal states, you are going to pay much more.


The second most important factor in weed prices is the quality. These days, there is less garbage weed around and so the traditional regs, mids, and dank isn’t a concern.

From my experience, there seems to much more high-quality cannabis circulating. So, for our purposes, we are going to focus on the sort of high-quality weed most buyers expect currently.

But, even when you are discerning between modern strains, quality is a factor. The higher the THC content and care in the grow can increase the price. Specialty products like moon rocks can also change the price of what you’re buying. When you purchase something special with high THC, it’ll likely cost more.


Some basic rules of supply and demand still apply the cannabis market. If there are a lot of dealers, like in a city, there will usually be an opportunity to get a low price. If you live in a rural area or a small town, there are fewer dealers and they can charge more. The same is true in legal and medical states, if you are near a lot of dispensaries then you can get a lower price usually.

Time of Year

In the fall, when outdoor plants are usually harvested, there tends to be an influx of cheaper herb around. The reason is that it costs significantly less to grow bud outdoors because there’s no need for extra lights and electricity. Most cannabis plants start harvesting in September and this can continue for the next few months.

Weed Prices Based on Quantity

Just to recap, the price you are going to pay for weed could vary greatly depending on all the aforementioned factors. Additionally, this is the price based on quality nugs and not including any sort of shwag you may be picking up. Like most other products in the world, you will notice a discount when more pot is purchased.

This is also reflective of the full retail price. There are plenty of opportunities to get deals on bud from your local dispensaries, but we are not covering those specifically. These prices are also going to be based on the United States and may not be representative of the rest of the world.

If you aren’t familiar with the weight measurements used below make sure to check out my article about marijuana weights. As previously stated, you’re gonna want to pick up a digital scale so you can make sure you got the correct weight.


1 Gram of Weed = $10-20

A gram of weed is usually going to be the smallest amount of pot you’re going to buy. Unless you are buying a pre-roll or a smaller bag from a friend, a gram is going to be the lowest tier of pot purchase. At a dispensary in a legal or medical state, the price of a gram of weed is going to be $10-15 and in an illegal state, the price should be $15-20. If ganj is super hard to come by, you may see grams for more but it’s out of the ordinary.

Eighth (3.5 Grams)

1 Eighth of Weed = $35-60

The price of an eighth of weed is around $35-50 in your local dispensary or $40-60 in illegal states. Once again, if you’re in a very far-flung area you could be looking at prices up to $70 but that is not a normal occurrence for the majority of smokers (thankfully!). If the offer is higher than 70, you should definitely think twice or look into moving.

Quarter (7 Grams)

1 Quarter of Weed = $70-120

For a quarter of herb, you should look to pay around $70-90 in dispensaries, although you can find a lot of deals on quarters for cheaper depending on your state and dispensary. In illegal states, they may cost between $80-120 on the black market.

Half-Ounce (14 Grams)

1 Half-Ounce of Weed = $120-180

At a half-ouce, you are officially buying weight and can get a nice price break. In the legal and some medical states, you could be paying as low as $120-150 at a dispensary. In illegal states, you may be paying a bit more but not much if you live in an urban area with a good market. A half ounce should go for about $140-180 in illegal states. It used to be the case that you needed to be a Colorado resident to purchase a half-ounce of bud, but the laws have changed somewhat recently to allow visitors to purchase up to an ounce from a recreational dispensary (this is a great time we are living in!).

There will be dispensaries and dealers that will attempt to charge quarter prices all the way up. Don’t mess around with these money hungry goons. You really should be able to get a decent break on a half O.

Ounce (28 Grams)

1 Ounce of Weed = $200-350

Alright baller, it’s time to party. An ounce of weed is going to run you $200-300 in legal or medical states. Although, there are plenty of deals to be found if you live in a legal state, some as low as $99 for an ounce of weed! That being said, you don’t want that mediocre weed. A quality “Oscar” is going to be in the 200-300 range at a dispensary. For the illegal states, you should be looking at around $220-350 for an ounce on the street. If you are in an area with a larger supply, you may get it a bit lower depending on your relationship with your plug.

These are the basics for prices of weed, if you are going any higher or lower, you should be relatively aware of the prices involved. If you are buying a pound or kilo of ganj, you damn well better know what you should be paying.

If you are looking for a dime or a nickel…do those still exist? If you want to read about being an old man and how much weed used to cost back in my day, check out my article on “Nickel, Dimes, and Dubs of Yesteryear” coming soon!

Holler at me in the comment and let me know if you are getting better deals or getting ripped off in the sticks! Also, make sure to leave comical fake name and email addresses in the comments, we ain’t cops here.