The Wide & Wild World of Homemade Bongs

Phil Farmer, Editor-in-Chief

Homemade bongs are a right of passage for many young stoners. When you’re first trying pot, sometimes you have Macgyver a bong and make it happen.

We have compiled some of the best homemade bongs from around the web. We wanted to give people a glimpse into the amazing ingenuity of pot smokers. You have to give us potheads credit, who else do you know that can look at a piece of fruit and know how to turn it into a smoking device in less than 2 minutes?

A beautifully made carrot pipe. Meticulous design, well done stoner

Photograph from r/trees

Crafting a smoking device out of household goods is a point of pride for many cannabis enthusiasts. When you can create synergy between a smoke session and arts & crafts project, there is no greater joy.

This super smoker is pretty ingeneous

When scrambling to make a DIY bong, you need something that is on-hand, easy to modify, and that you won’t miss too much. Everybody has some fruit at home, it’s cheap, airtight, and won’t be a struggle to cut some holes in. Even better, using different types of fruit and vegetables makes for a fun exercise in DIY Marijuana MacGyver-ing.

Have you made any crazy bongs or dab rigs out of fruit or household goods? Let’s see everyone’s MacGyver skills on social media using the hashtag #homemadebong to show everyone your skills.

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