Despite a strong effort and argument by cannabis entrepreneurs and business owners in Alaska, The Alaska Marijuana Control Board decided not to go forward with a proposal for allowing cannabis consumption at retail marijuana stores.

The proposal was narrowly rejected 2-3, despite a hard-fought push by business owners who argued that to truly capitalize on the tourism aspect of cannabis you would need a place for the tourists to smoke after purchasing cannabis and cannabis concentrates. Many small business owners arguments centered around the cruise industry which is a big source of tourism in many areas, bringing in more than 1 million passengers annually. The cruise passengers will get off and be inclined to purchase newly legal cannabis and will need a place to consume said weed.

That being said, local marijuana entrepreneurs do not necessarily see this as a loss. With how the country has been tilting in favor of regulating cannabis more realistically, they see it as a chance to evolve the rules as time goes on. As the attitude toward weed softens on a federal and state level across the board, many local leaders see that as an opportunity to continue to loosen laws and eventually allow consumption at authorized retailers.