Photo courtesy of NORML

With the stroke of midnight on January 1st, 2017, Nevada joined Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, Alaska, and Washington D.C. as the 7th state to legalize cannabis possession and use by adults.

The Nevada Marijuana Legalization Initiative, which 55% of voters approved on November 8th, permits adults to possess one ounce of cannabis and/or up to 3.5 grams of concentrates. Also included in the law is that adults may lawfully grow up to 6 plants, so long as they reside 25 miles away from a cannabis retailer.

There has been much criticism surrounding that final point, in that it forces people within 25 miles of retailers to continue to purchase their cannabis. Many argue that this measure is inherently unfair and seems too much like forced capitalism than it does freedom. While we here at Red Eye Chronicle are glad to see any states adopt a legalization law, we do support the citizens getting actualized and improving those laws.

The law also permits the sale and possession of cannabis paraphernalia and the gifting of small amounts of cannabis, which are great steps to normalizing all facets. Another drawback to the law is that public consumption still remains a civil violation, so don’t expect to walk into a casino and light up quite yet.

What was not covered in this initial legalization is the system for licensing for retail sale and commercial production of cannabis, which will take effect on January 1, 2018. Those regulations are still being worked out by the Nevada legislature but will include being subject to a 15% excise tax.

This is a fantastic move forward for the legalization movement and we look forward to reporting more on states getting these rights. Maine, in all likelihood, will be the 8th state to legalize cannabis after voting in favor of Question 1 in November. Maine’s law goes into effect on January 30th and passed by a very thin margin of 50.2% and survived many attempts to stop it.