Wednesday, July 19, 2017, marks a historic day for the people of St Petersburg, FL. The first medical marijuana dispensary opened in the city and ushered in a new era for the state. At least, that is the hope of the 70+% of people who voted for medical marijuana in Florida.

Truelieve, who we wrote about last week, having opened the first dispensary in Jacksonville, run 8 other dispensaries in the state. Two of these dispensaries are in the Tampa Bay area, one in Clearwater and one in Tampa. Trulieve, who owns the dispensary on St. Pete’s 4th St N, also has another 17 planned according to their website,. Kim Rivers is the company’s CEO and released this statement:

“We have a large and rapidly growing patient base in the Tampa Bay area and we’re thrilled to expand our service to them,” said Rivers. “We will be opening more dispensaries throughout the remainder of this year.”

The company sells high-THC and low-THC medical cannabis products. The dispensary sells capsules, tinctures, creams, nasal spray, edibles, and a variety of forms for cannabis product.

On Wednesday, the dispensary will open preceded by a press conference and guided tour of the dispensary. The store is open to the public, although only those with Florida Marijuana Cards will be able to purchase the legal cannabis products.

What you will find noticeably absent from the shelves and glass cases is smokeable marijuana, the leafy nugs we are all familiar with. In June, the Florida Legislature passed a medical marijuana bill, after coming back for a special session, that banned smokable marijuana. This has resulted in lawsuits by some of the bigger players in the industry, like Orlando lawyer, John Morgan.

As the fight continues for smokable marijuana, companies like Trulieve are excited to get involved in this industry and take advantage of the huge market potential that comes with medical cannabis. In other states, this new industry has created plenty of wealth and the Florida market is poised to be one of the largest.

We look forward to covering many more openings of medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida in the coming months. And as the lawsuits continue, we hope that FL voters can get even more of the access that they came out to support at the voting booth