In as little as a few months, Dundalk residents will have easy access to medical cannabis. This comes 4 years after the Maryland General Assembly passed the legalization of medical marijuana.

Now, with construction beginning across the state, Maryland residents are finally getting access to the medicine that they so widely supported.  

Charm City Medicus, the dispensary opening in Dundalk at 717 North Point Boulevard, describes their business as “providing quality products in a comfortable, compassionate and safe environment,” and say they are “committed to healing patients of all ages through ailment-strain alignment.”

In September 2015, the Baltimore County Council passed zoning laws regulating the placement of medical cannabis dispensaries and growers in Baltimore County. As per that law, dispensaries were limited to business-zoned districts. Dispensaries are not allowed to be located within 500 feet of a public or private school or within 2,500 feet of another dispensary. Additional, a special exception is required for dispensaries planning to operate within one of Baltimore County’s 17 Commercial Revitalization Districts.

As of December 2016, there were 102 companies approved by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission to begin selling medical marijuana, up to two per state senatorial district. Charm City Medicus is one of the two for Dundalk and Sparrows Point, District 6, along with GreenMart of Maryland).

Bryan Hill, president and CEO of Charm City Medicus, has been in talks with local officials, including Baltimore County Councilman Todd Crandell (R-7), state Sen. Johnny Ray Salling (R-6), Berkshire Community Association president Nora Baublitz and officers at Dundalk Police Precinct 12, since his company was pre-approved for a license in December.

Hill applied for a license in several districts in Baltimore County and City; he was ultimately approved to open in District 6.

Working with local officials, Hill selected a location for the dispensary. The location is in a commercial area across from Eastpoint Mall, with close access to highways like I-95 and 695.

Hill came to this profession after watching his father bravely battle esophageal cancer. Hill’s father had a very aggressive cancer and underwent multiple large surgeries.

“The first few years of treatment, they were pumping him full of every opioid,” Hill recalled. “It was to the point where he really had no quality of life.”

Hill’s father, who lives in Arizona, was able to get off all opioids once the state passed medical cannabis legislation. After Hill witnessed the power of medical cannabis for himself, he saw an opportunity to get involved with some revolutionary.

Now with his dispensary opening up in a few short months, he will be to provide residents of Baltimore County with that same opportunity to have a better quality of life, despite what they may be battling.