Carson City, Nevada – A district judge suspended the licensing of new recreational pot distributors on orders sought by the Independent Alcohol Distributors of Nevada. Judge James Todd Russel cited a denial of Liquor wholesalers’ rights to distribute recreational pot as bestowed upon them by the electorate. He went ahead to assert that the exclusivity of the rights to distribute recreational pot for a period of 18 months could only be overridden in a specific instance when it had been determined that the Liquor Distributors could not adequately distribute recreational pot.

With six licensed liquor wholesalers operating over 50 retail stores across the state of Nevada, Russel was of the opinion that a scenario leading up to the disruption in the supply of recreational pot was unlikely-at least pending hearing and determination of the matter. Deonne Contine; Taxation Executive Director, was quoted saying the number of liquor wholesalers wasn’t enough. She went ahead to say that licensing marijuana businesses to distribute pot would make up for the liquor industry’s alleged inability to maintain a constant supply while allowing efficient tax collections.

Recreational pot sales carry on starting July 1ST, a move reinforced by the convincing number of voters who expressed support for Question 2 in November. Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, representatives from the retail, gaming, marijuana and resort industries under the umbrella organization known as The Green Ribbon Panel, sought the interpretation of federal laws with regards to the introduction of smoking lounges. Presently, the consumption of marijuana is allowed in private spaces which are not a viable option- at least for most visiting individuals. The introduction of smoking lounges is expected to weigh in benefits for the hospitality and gaming industries and has been viewed as a welcome move.

According to Federal Law, marijuana is classified as an illegal substance which creates a confusing predicament. You can buy marijuana but consuming it is a whole other issue. A move to set in motion Legislative Intent; allowing municipal authorities to conjure up regulations concerning consumption of marijuana has since died. Other ideas include the setting up of smoking lounges that are connected to licensed marijuana dispensaries. This has been viewed as a potentially effective method of regulating “black market marijuana.”

The legalization of recreational marijuana by voters through Question 2 in November allowed the public consumption of pot by Nevadans with the exception of tourists. One school of thought took the opinion that marijuana dispensaries or lounges should determine whether or not pot should be consumed in there, at their own discretion. Separate efforts to push the Legislative Counsel Bureau to take an opinion on the matter concerning whether municipal authorities could regulate recreational marijuana use in the absence of state laws haven’t yielded much.