When thinking of big, sticky nuggets, it’s easy to think of California with trichomes glistening in the sun.  One might think of denim and flannel on the coast of the Pacific Northwest, a thick smoke somehow distinct against the morning fog.  Pennsylvania may not be what used to come to mind, but that’s going to change and it’s going to change quickly. As medical marijuana in Pennsylvania begins to take shape, so does the industry behind it. 

The Quaker state can be seen as progressively conservative, neither New York nor Ohio, it offers a comfortable bridge between the two.  After the dawn of the revolution, PA seems to have offered balance, busy cities with Amish farmers, roughneck sports, and high arts.  Between the two largest cities of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, there’s a bunch of middle ground much like their policies, the policy towards cannabis is much along the same lines.  

The excitement is building, and it’s in very Pennsylvania-like ways.  It’s not a new celebrity strain or some crazy allowance of plants or weight, the headlines aren’t popping with articles about new edibles or a dispensary with a pinball arcade.  It’s mostly about education and a healthy influx of professional legitimacy.  In the parlance of the times, it could be said the culture is a hybrid; somewhere between indica and sativa.

There are two groups of unsung heroes in the medicinal field and the new push in Pennsylvania hits both.  The farming history of this large state is being promoted by the new farmers, trained less by their forefathers and more by the text and tutor It doesn’t translate as directly as say, dissecting a frog does to being a veterinarian, the use of similar plants to teach the fundamentals in the collegiate environment creates a whole new class of farmhand.  The nearby campus of Delaware Valley is earning a reputation for producing many of these potential employees and horticulture scientists.

All these producers need somebody to prescribe the product.  Pennsylvania provides plenty of physicians.  The stigma of medicinal marijuana may be highest amongst those who write the scripts (more accurately recommendations, but that’s nit picky at this point. for the cannabis, with fears of tarnishing a name decades in the making, or holding back a new and promising career preventing the growth of their practice and greater health of their patients.  Not here though.  The floodgates opened and the people in white coats are here to help.  Upon allowing doctors to register to take the course needed to offer cannabis, a simple class, and fee, the barrier of entry is small, and the interest, as reported by local sources, is very high, with  around ¾ of those asked showing value in the courses, even though there may not be immediate financial gain.