When you are dabbing for the first time, you may find yourself wondering how long is this shit going to last? 

We all remember (shit, maybe we don’t) our first dab high and it’s definitely something totally different. Many people will compare it to the first time you smoked weed or got high. It can be something like that, although I believe it’s not quite that wild.

The short answer to how long a dab high lasts is going to be a very personal thing. If this is your first dab, it’s quite likely that you could be peak high 1-2 hours and residually for up to another 2 hours. 

Dabs, being a more highly concentrated form of THC, are going to get you to that next level for sure. But, you if you are a regular cannabis smoker, they are nothing to be afraid of. There is not nearly as much of a warning on dabs as with edibles, which can have you high for many hours.

An experience dab user is only going to be peak high for a short time and concentrates become very similar to really good nugs. People who have smoked dabs will often ask if concentrates ruin smoking regular bud. While most people end up smoking concentrates a lot more, you can still get plenty high from nugs like usual. They are slightly different highs, but the increased THC delivery system of dabs does not prevent you from enjoying flower.

What to Expect When You Take Your First Dab

There is a little more of a process to take a dab, it involves a torch and bit of timing. Heating the nail is usually pretty easy, but waiting until the nail is the perfect temperature for the hit is a skill developed over time.

Getting the right size dab for you is another skill you hone like a Japanese sushi master that has been carrying buckets on their head for 40 years or some shit. 

Your first dab hit is likely to be red hot and too big, you’re going to be coughing like Method Man. Shit, you knew it was too big as soon as it was just too late.

After your coughing fit, you can actually start to appreciate some of the flavor profile of the concentrate. There is a really great blast of flavors from the resins and terpenes found in cannabis. 

You will learn later that letting the nail cool before hitting will bring more of these flavors out. Some even say that “you need to waste it, to taste it.” This refers to the nail not being as cool and possibly not vaporizing all of the concentrates, although giving you the perfect flavor experience.

About this time, you start really considering the question at hand, “how long does a dab high last?” 

Well, shit, you probably got a while left. Try to relax and enjoy that shit. Most likely once your initial paranoia and anxiety sets in, you will have a great ride and proceed to much yourself to sleep.