Every stoner has been in a pinch at some point and had some herb or wax with nothing to smoke out of. There is nothing nearly as disheartening as getting so close and not being able to burn. Smoking concentrates present their own specific challenges, it’s not as easy as getting a pack of papers.

Many people, especially in illegal states, may have trouble getting concentrates, and buying a rig is not practical. If you find yourself with a bit of dabs but no right, don’t fret, there are still ways to smoke!

This is a list of 4 ways to smoke your concentrates without a rig. While the majority of them are not the most efficient way to dab, they will certainly get you by. If you know of any we didn’t discuss, please share in the comments and let us know!

On Top of Bowl

The easiest way to smoke wax without a rig is to put it on top of some weed. You light the weed up normally, although trying to regulate the head around the concentrate. You will also want to be cognizant of how loose the weed is, the concentrate is likely going to melt quite a bit and run through. You can angle the pipe around and control that a bit to make it easier for multiple hits.

Pro Tip: if you have a sticky or melted (unstable) bit of oil, you can put it in the freezer for 10-15 minute and stabilize it. This will make it easier to handle and put right on top of your bowl.


  • Simple. No specialized training needed smoke weed as normal.


  • Inefficient. Smoking wax from a rig allows you to very precisely regulate how much concentrate you are using. The inability to do that with a lighter and a bowl can waste your oil, but it’s better than not being able to smoke it.
  • You have to also have some flower to smoke the wax. If you are only in possession of some oil, this is going to be useless for you.
  • Taste. The delicious taste of your oil is not going to come through nearly as much as a dab or even a vape pen would. That being said, the mixed taste of a quality nug and some good oil can be something very nice as well.

On a Doobie

Secondly, the next most simple way of smoking wax without a rig is to put it in or around your doob. This is a pretty popular way to smoke wax if you look at 710 Instagram world. If you are a big joint or blunt smoker, this is going to be right in your wheelhouse. This can be more practical than a bowl if you’re aren’t around a pipe as well. You can pick up a pack of papers at a corner store and make this happen. Although, on the run, it may be harder because your concentrate may not be as stable.

Pro Tip: If you have some kief in your grinder, you can roll the joint in this as well. Not only is this going to make a dope Insta post, it’s also going to get you proper lit.

There are essentially two ways to get the wax into your joint. With either method, it’s good to start with a nice stable bit of concentrates so you can roll it up and manipulate it a bit. The two ways to smoke wax on a joint are:

  1. Roll the wax out into a thin, snake-like, shape the length of your joint. You put this snake into the center of your joint as you roll it up. A more even the snake is and more herb in the joint will result in a better burning joint as well. Having a nice tight joint can help as well, although you don’t want to completely restrict airflow.
  2. Again, roll the wax into a thin, snake-like, shape of any length (think about how much wax you are looking to smoke). You then put it around your joint, as pictured below. Be careful as you’re smoking, these will drip depending on the consistency of your dabs. You can rotate it and angle it to make sure you don’t drip any off, you can handle it; I believe in you.


  • Simple. Same as a bowl, this doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out. Any pothead who can roll a decent joint can make this happen.
  • No need for specialized tools. You don’t even need a bowl, just a pack of papers and some ganja.


  • Inefficiency, again. Just like burning your budder on a bowl, this is not going to be the picture of efficiency. You will most certainly waste of bit of concentrate, but it can be fun at a party or in a pinch.
  • Drippy. As I said in the instruction, you have to work it a little bit more than when the oil is inside the joint. It’s not crazy hard, but you have the opportunity to drip it. In the aforementioned party scenario, you could have trouble if there is a rookie in the cypher.
  • Runs. Because the oil is spread around, the paper where it is will burn differently than the paper not covered in oil. You can get little runs this way, the tight your snake is, the less this may happen.