In 2018, Oklahoma became the 30th state in the nation to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes when they voted to pass State Question 778 (overview from Ballotpedia). While many states took upwards of 2 years to implement medical marijuana, Oklahoma was one of the swiftest in the country. Less than 6 months later, qualified patients were smoking their own cannabis.

SQ 778’s passage established the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) and the program has taken off like a rocket ever since. The state’s progressive attitude toward medical cannabis and it’s market potential has nothing short of amazing. Here at Red Eye Chronicle, we believe OK should be a model for medical cannabis.

As of November 2020, there have been over 382,000 applications for medical marijuana cards, resulting in over 360,000 patients currently in the program. Projected revenue for Oklahoma’s cannabis market is expected to top $700 million in 2020, up more than 50% from 2019. 

Am I eligible for medical marijuana in Oklahoma?

All adults are eligible for their medical marijuana card in Oklahoma. There are not qualifying conditions for patients. All you need is a certified physician to sign off on a cannabis recommendation and you’re good to go. 

Do I need a doctor’s recommendation?

Yes. In Oklahoma, you’re required to see a doctor to sign off even though there are no qualifying conditions. Any registered physician can sign a medical marijuana recommendation.

What are the costs for doctors and registration?

Oklahomans can get a doctor’s recommendation for as low as $25. The filing fee in OK is $104.50 unless you have Soonercare or Medicare or are 100% disabled. Many services will offer the service of helping you submit your application for your mmj card, but you can also do it yourself online at OMMA’s website here.

Is telemedicine offered?

Due to Covid, many people are wondering if they’re able to get medical cannabis with telemedicine. The great news is yes, there are a lot of options in Oklahoma to meet with a doctor and get a recommendation without having to physically visit an office.

How to obtain a medical marijuana license:

Step 1. Find a qualified medical marijuana doctor

Finding the best doctor is the first step. The best thing to do is to search your city for medical marijuana doctors and see if you can find prices to compare. Another great place to find information like this is Reddit, there are good threads that come up about the current landscape of medical marijuana cards in Oklahoma. 

Step 2. Register with OMMCP

Your doctor has 90 days to submit your recommendation, although most of them will do this immediately. The state Department of Public Health has up to 30 business days to review an application. If approved, the DPH has 15 business days to issue the patient their ID.

Step 3. Visit your dispensary or Start Growing Your Own!

How long are the orders and licenses good for?

Your license and doctor’s recommendation is good for 24 months. When renewing, you’ll need an updated doctor’s recommendation and pay the registration fee again.

Where can I find a dispensary?

How much does weed cost in Oklahoma?

Can I grow my own cannabis?

Yes! Oklahoma medical marijuana patients are free to grow up to XXXX plants!

Does Oklahoma accept other states’ MMJ cards?