These days, everyone you know has access to the internet and the ability to drunkenly procure all sorts of gifts to surprise their sober selves. In this day and age, it can be truly hard to find the perfect gift for the millennial that has it all.

But for your favorite stoner in your life, the perfect gift has materialized, the cannabis subscription box. 

Everyone knows that no one likes gadgets and toys more than pot smokers, it’s that simple. Every pot smoke has a whole desk full of tampers, ashtrays, pipes, rolling tools, dabbers, and different bongs for every occasion. 

The cannabis-based subscription box is the gift that keeps on giving, mostly because your buddy will routinely forget that it was even coming. Each month, these boxes come with cool new pipes, papers, and tools that will delight you and enhance your smoking experience.

One of the coolest and most well-put-together subscription boxes we’ve seen in the space is Hemper (who you know are legit because they are partnering with big names like Wiz Khalifa and recently closed $10M in Series A funding). 

We’ve gone through a lot of other brands and there is a wide range of consistency and quality, but Hemper is all about the top-notch goods. Last month, I received a bucket of alcohol wipes that have been indispensable in my dab station/writing desk. Previously, I’d been buying bulk boxes of little alcohol prep pads and Hemper’s fresh wipe bucket has been exponentially more convenient and useful.

One of the other awesome features of the Hemper box specifically is that they understand most stoners are adults with normal lives, neighbors, and may want to keep their hobby discreet. For this reason, they do a fantastic job of being incredibly discreet with the packing. While the box itself is branded and very cool, the shipping packaging has no outward branding and will blend in with all the normal stuff you have delivered to your house. 

Most boxes come with a pipe each month as a feature item and if you’re like me, there’s nothing more fun than christening a new pipe. Getting to bond with a new piece of glass is a ritual like none other in the cannabis lifestyle and consistently getting to have that experience is (bowl) loads of fun every time. Hemper specifically does a great job of delivering quality pipes, which says a lot in a space that’s crowded with mediocre glass.

Where Hemper differentiates themselves are the custom items and tools they create to be included in their box. They make sure to bring valuable tools to the table that you’ve never seen before from awesome new stash cases to this sweet silicone debowling ashtray I didn’t realize I needed so bad! They have a whole collection of Hemper tech that they are constantly innovating on so you get stuff you’re always impressed by.

What you can also expect is that Hemper will keep you stocked on all the essentials of an everyday smoker; papers, hemp wick, organic papers, hemp wraps, cones, lighters, and everything else to keep you burning.

One of the cooler features of a cannabis subscription box gift is that you have the ability to go the extra mile and really show your favorite stoner that they mean the world. With Hemper, you can choose their premium collab boxes that feature so truly out-of-this-world products. They partner up with some of the dopest cannabis brands out there like CustomGrow420, Dabbing Granny, Strain Central, and other influencers to bring some really one-of-a-kind smoking accessories directly to your door.

Showing your favorite cannabis enthusiast is that you think they’re the dankest person you know is literally the most chill thing you can do. When your bud receives the gift of a cannabis subscription box, they are for sure going to smoke you up instantly. Spending time bonding over a doobie is how we forge some of the most meaningful connections in our lives and Hemper helps cultivate an even deeper relationship.

You can check out their most recent boxes and all their products in stock at their website and feel free to tell them Red Eye Chronicle sent you!